Video & Audio

At Mauser Mediatech we want to enable you, your organization, or your business to be able to leverage available technology so that important material, moments, or details are can be viewed either in real-time or at a time that is more convenient.  We can also help you use this same technology to monitor things that are important to you and your organization.

Video Conferencing: business can come from across the country or even across the world. We can help your company be prepared to interact with a larger market-base by providing video conferencing platforms that suit your need.  Please visit the Video Conferencing page (coming soon) to view a demo of the video conferencing tools we can provide

Video Capture, Editing, and Production: when your business needs a promotional video, training video or holds a meeting or other event and you need video capture or streaming turn to Mauser Mediatech to assist you. We can either provide these services directly or turn to our partners to provide you with what you need.  Please visit our Video Editing & Production page (coming soon) for samples of our work and highlights of our technology.

Video & Audio Broadcasting & Live-Streaming: we can help you broadcast or stream your event live either across the Internet or in a closed-circuit fashion.  Please visit our Video Editing & Production page  (coming soon) for some more information.

Audio Capture, Editing, and Production: when you or your organisation needs audio captured for commericals, voice-overs, recorded messages, etc. Mauser Mediatech has the technology and the skills to make this happen. Please contact us for more information

Video & Audio Surveillance: we can put in place the tools that will help keep your business safe whenever you are not around.  We can support you by proposing several different packages that might fit your budget.  We can also see the project to completion by installing and maintaining your video and audio surveillance system.  Please contact us for more information.

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